The Little Things

October 17, 2014
Pumpkin love. Ready for Halloween! 

1. Halloween Ready 
I’ll properly regret saying this but I’m so excited for trick or treaters this Halloween. We used to live in a big block of flats so we never got any and we’ve not planned to go out so I’m excited to see all the kiddos in their cute little outfits! 
 2. Candles Galore
Dark nights equal every candle we have available to be lit for the ambience! I’m especially loving having all our oil burners and the above Halloween candle holder lit. I’ve got my eye on a cute little ghost one as well, but is that a bit too many?!

Cookies research 

3. Cookies 
I’ve been researching different types of cookies for my 101 things in 1001 days project and I’ve found ten really great recipes so I’m starting tomorrow but I’m going to go with boring original chocolate chip cookies for my first time as it’s been ages since I actually made cookies! 
4. TMI 
I came off the injection pill in May and I’m currently engaged in my first period in 6-7 years, which really is a great thing and also it’s nowhere near as painful as before I had surgery and was on the injection however I’m currently on day 16!! WTF!!! All I can say is I’m glad there’s no pain like there used to be otherwise I don’t know how I’d be coping!
  Meal pill {weird things I do for interviews!} 

5. The Meal Pill 
The weird things I do for interviews never seem to end. My most recent one was giving a 3-5 minute presentation on a futuristic product called the meal pill, which contained all the nutrients you need. It was fun though!

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