The Little Things

November 15, 2014
East Park

1. Sunday walk around East Park
Lots of sunshine and just a really nice way to spend a Sunday with Ryan in the fresh air.

2. Catching up on Notes From the City vlogs!
I really enjoy watching Rachel from Notes From the City videos, she’s quite motivating to watch and she’s really honest and sweet. I would recommend watching her videos if you don’t. She talks a lot about eating clean and exercising and she’s just bought her first place with her fiance and vlogs her everyday life.


3. Bunnies!
Oscar and Evie have just been the cutest this week and snuggling together a lot more, it’s always nice to see them like this because Oscar doesn’t sit still for too long he likes to run around a lot but Evie always tries to snuggle with him.

4. Good books!
I’ve read some really good books this week, one of them being Closer Than You Think which I was reading up until 2:30 in the morning! Addicting read.

His & her packages

5. Good post days!
I won a pocket filofax on Ebay a few days ago and it turned up on Friday with Ryan’s new Assassin Creed Unity game. Good post days are the best.

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