The Little Things

August 15, 2014
Sleepy Oscar (1)
1. Little Oscar-bear has been so adorable this week. Between playing peek-a-boo in his hay box earlier, he’s also been super affectionate every evening running straight up onto our small sofa and perching himself on the top every night waiting for some strokes.

2. Tempted by a Rogue Prince by Felicity Heaton. Not really something I think anyone would really be interested in reading here as it’s paranormal romance. But Ms Heaton wrote an epically great tortured and mad hero and I just loved the story completely and now want to read more tortured hero stories.

3. Revamping my CV because I haven’t lost hope that I will get a job. Soon!

4. Ryan’s home-made chocolate flapjack. We wanted something sweet to eat but I’m still trying to stick to my low fod-map diet which rules out a lot of foods so Ryan offered to make his flapjack {which I love} and add some cooking chocolate to the top of it and it’s been a perfect treat every night this week.

5. Wearing my autumnal dress. Which isn’t super autumnal but it’s navy and is covered in cute robins but robins make me think of the colder months, and the dress also has pockets. I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets.

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