Moleskine Spring 2015

November 19, 2014


I saw this post on Plannerisms yesterday about the Moleskine catalogue {}
 and seriously thought it was love!

1. I love moleskines, always have, always will and the new ones on the list don’t change that. 2. I’m so freaking excited for the Batman notebooks. I’ve already pre-ordered one.
3. I actually like quite a few of the Alice in Wonderland ones {& C if your reading this expect to be receiving one next year!}
4. Loving all the new colour moleskines.
5. The Chapter journals look really interesting, can’t wait to see one in person.
6. I pretty sick of seeing the Star Wars, Peanuts & Le Petit Prince diaries/planners but they much be very popular to still be around. Although I do like what they’ve done to the Le Petit Prince ones for this year.
7. I’m not sure on the new tool-belt accessory they’ve created it’s different. I think I’ll wait to see some reviews on it first.
8. I’ve never seen the Professional planner before but I really like it.
9. Now they’re introducing an Evernote planner to go with the Evernote notebook. Hmph.

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