Low Fodmap Diet Part Two

August 18, 2014
Day 1 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 1
Lunch: Tuna salad {loved it!}
Dinner: Shepherds Pie with lettuce and carrot {Ryan made it, need his recipe!}
Supper: Oats with almond milk and golden syrup {nice sweet treat}
Day 2 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 2
Breakfast: Overnight oats and peppermint tea {overnight oats aren’t for me!}
Lunch: Leftovers from last nights tea with water and side salad 
Snack: Iced peppermint tea with two vimto ice lollies
Dinner: Home-made chips with cod {batter removed} <3
Supper: Leftover overnight oats with added almond milk
Day 3 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 3
Breakfast: {on the go} Grapes and a bottle of water
Lunch: Mashed baked potatoe with tuna and lemon and herb nandos sauce with side salad.
Dinner: Lemon chicken with rice and spinach and red peppers {too much lemon was a bit sour}
Snack: Two wheat & gluten free biscuits
Day 4 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 4
Brunch: Scrambled eggs with pepper and red pepper and grapes and two free from chocolate digestives {not a big egg fan so no love here}
Snack: Dairy free orange chocolate bar
Dinner: His & Hers – Hers Stuffed peppers {rice, red pepper, cheese and sausage} with home-made chips and spinach {<3’d this recipe!}
& His Sausages, home-made chips, baked beans and cheese
Day 5 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 5
Breakfast: Oats with almond milk and a dollop of golden syrup
Lunch: Scrambled egg with rice with spinach and red pepper {super bland and awful}
Snack: grapes and vimto ice lolly
Dinner: Baked potatoe with tuna and pepper and side salad
Day 6 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 6
Breakfast: Grapes and peppermint tea
Snack: Stawberry and white chocolate cereal bar {naughty, naughty}
Lunch: Baked potatoe with tuna, red pepper and carrot
Dinner: Loaded baked potato & chicken casserole with carrot and spinach {amazing meal!}
Snack: Dairy free chocolate buttons
{Food haul: spinach, wheat & gluten free pasta, baked potatos, bacon, dairy free chocolate buttons, green pepper, double cream and tuna}
Day 7 Low Fodmap Diet
Day 7
Breakfast: Grapes and peppermint tea starting to miss cheerios though!
Lunch: Baked potato with tuna, pepper and carrot
Snack: Dairy free chocolate buttons
Dinner: Home-made chips with chicken dippers {batter removed}
Snack: 2 custard creams
Super: grapes and a peppermint tea

My side salad generally consisted of lettuce or spinach, red pepper, carrot and nando’s lemon and herb sauce which I’m super addicted too! Most of my inspiration came from pinterest and the Delicious as it looks food blog.

For more inspiration check out my pinterest food board, or my instragram. I really enjoyed doing the low fodmap diet and am continuing to eat as much low fodmap food as I can because it totally works for me!

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