November 3, 2014

“Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence. We’re kicking off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.
“In my work as a documentarian, I have witnessed the confidence crisis among girls and the negative impact of stereotypes first-hand,” said Lauren Greenfield, filmmaker and director of the #LikeAGirl video. “When the words ‘like a girl’ are used to mean something bad, it is profoundly disempowering. I am proud to partner with Always to shed light on how this simple phrase can have a significant and long-lasting impact on girls and women. I am excited to be a part of the movement to redefine ‘like a girl’ into a positive affirmation.”
So tell us… what do YOU do #LikeAGirl?”

I saw this advert before watching a YouTube video on scrapbooking {I’m cool like that} and I just thought it was so… inspiring and empowering and thought provoking.
I’m 28 and I’ve heard #likeagirl as an insult often in my lifetime and I find that sad. That being told that I throw like a girl, or run like a girl is a negative thing and I love that this video that’s under four minutes long is trying to change that concept. That doing anything like a girl is not a negative, it can be a positive and the view on that can be changed.

It just makes me wonder though, what actually happens between being kids and becoming teens that makes us see being like a girl as an insult and how it becomes such a negative connotation. Is it the media, other kids, family and friends or is it a wide world thing? If it is, won’t that make it harder to change.

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