Happy Birthday Evie!

July 11, 2014
Evie (5) 
I claim this box as mine! 
I'm a girl! I want to wear make up too! 
Have a sick bunny currently on a hot water bottle! :( 
Today Evie is 3!

She always digs to the bottom of her veg bowl hoping for more than spinach. 
Blueberries are her favourite fruit. 
But she likes grapes, strawberries and pears nearly as much. 
She likes the smell of meat. 
She will head butt and nip you if you are in her way.
She loves being petting and loves cuddles even more.
She’s a bit of an attention whore.
She likes sleeping in sun spots.
And loves the feel of the wind in her fur.
She likes to play under blankets.
And hide in her cardboard box.
She’s recently taking to people watching.
But more than four people walking past freak her out.
She likes running upstairs.
But hates coming back down.
Her favourite room is the spare bedroom.
She’ll sit outside waiting for you to open the door so she can go in.
And stamps her foot when you refuse.
She likes to run in circles when it’s time for her to go in her cage.
She thinks she has us fooled.
She likes the taste of wallpaper.
And my lavender scent panda.
She also enjoys humping Oscar’s face.
And sometimes she forgets she’s a lady.

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