Goodbye November, Hello December!

December 1, 2013

I’m so happy for November to be over and done with this year. I’m back to counting down the days of December. Not for Christmas but for the New Year. 2013 hasn’t been a bad year not by a long shot but it’s not been the year I wanted it to be, and while I feel some of that is on me and what my hopes and goals were. The biggest thing that I wanted to achieve this year I was unable too, although it was competely out of my control. I have high hopes for 2014 because it’s going to be full of change, change, change! All of which I’m excited and terrified for.
I’m also extremely happy to say goodbye to Movember, while I know it’s all for a good cause, I am pretty excited for Ry to shave his mustache off! Goodbye prickly, tickly kisses, until next year (and hopefully not before then!)

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