Good Post Days!

November 18, 2014
I love a good post day, where you get something really good other than bank statements, and bills. Friday was a joint good day for myself and Ryan. 
post day

I had won a pocket chameleon filofax in aqua on ebay a couple of days before and wasn’t expecting it to arrive till Monday at the earliest so I was super delighted when the postman knocked on the door with two packages! I’m really loving the pocket chameleon filofax and hopefully will do a more in-depth post on it later when I’ve used it more.
assassin creed unity
Ryan on the other hand had pre-ordered Assassin Creed’s Unity with the pocket watch{ I think it’s this one}. He’s a real big Assassin Creed fan and I while I’m not a big gamer I do enjoy watching him play all his games especially the Assassin Creed ones I really like the different ones and seeing how the characters and cities change and the detailing they put into the games is amazing!

And the pocket watch is pretty awesome too! I wanted to include some closer-ups of the pocket watch because I think the amount of detail and thought they’ve put into is really amazing. Ryan’s only comment about the pocket watch, which is based on the one the main character Arno has is that in the game the pocket watch opens side-ways whereas the real life one opens from top to bottom instead. 

It is also, I want to point out a wind up edition so there’s no need to replace the battery which I quite like because it matches the historical point in the game as there wouldn’t have been any batteries available then either!
assassin creed pocket watch
assassin creed pocket watch

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