February Goals

February 17, 2016

I haven’t set any monthly goals for ages and while I don’t plan on writing them every month unless I have several things that really need doing I thought it would be a good idea to post them here to keep myself accountable.
1. Leave the house as often as possible.
In January I left the house a whole 7 times out of the 31 days because I was so ill. For February I really want to beat that number. 
2. Get my eyebrows done.
My eyebrows look really bad so I need them done asap and it will also mean I have to leave the house, see what I did there!
3. Celebrate turning 30!
4. Complete work goals
There not really exciting so I’m not listing them here but there just work admin goals I need to tick off but keep putting off because they’re boring.
5. Continue with Film Date Night
In January I came up with the idea of film date night because I wanted to spend quality time with my husband but I’m not always well enough to leave the house and since we have a large collection of films, on itunes and our DVD collection and there’s great new films coming out now that we’ve not been able to go to the cinema to see. Ryan and I started having a film date night at home once a week where we disconnect from our iphones and cuddle up. We each take turns picking a film and while we’ve only done it for three weeks so far, we’re really enjoying it and I really want to continue doing them.

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