May 20, 2013
Reading: Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts {it’s not love! Shock, horror!}
Watching: Criminal Minds Season 2 {amazing series!}
Missing: Family & Friends {it’s nearly a year since we last went back}
Drinking: Robinsons Summer Fruits dilute juice & wine {but not together!}
Feeling: Apprehensive {June’s all about change}
Eating: Rice {seriously addicted, been eating it nearly every lunch}
With: The bunnies as always!
Waiting For: Family to come visit {1 month, 4 days!}
Wishing For: some summer sun & a big pile of books
Playing: The Simpsons Tapped Out {super addictive now all the snakes have gone}
Wanting: a big hug!
Needing: a bit more motivation {or a better way to motivate myself}
Getting: Nowhere fast
{a side note: I used to doodle these kinds of things in my notebooks in my teens, so I thought a more ‘grown up’ version might be nice}

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