Blogmas Day 20: All Fall Down

December 20, 2012
Bump goes in the night or in our case, crash. Even on my day off I’m unable to get a full night’s sleep. It’s all Ryan’s fault he pulled one of his Assassin Creed books off to read last night then a few hours later the shelf fell down and toppled the one below it! Le sigh.
For me this isn’t an unusual event, I’ve always had argos bookcases and more often than not I’ve generally over filled them and I’ve often had them collapse during the night, but it’s an unusual occurrence for Ryan so when it crashed last night he was quite shocked and instantly awake, while I was more in the can we go back to sleep now and deal with it in the morning category.

We finally got round to sending our boxes of Christmas presents to our family members today while doing some Christmas food shopping and looking at the Kindle Paperwhite. We also stopped for a naughty lunch at Nandos which we hadn’t done in a couple of months. But it’s not the same if you do it frequently. So while it wasn’t the most laziest day off before an ultra busy weekend of work it was still nice.

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