Birthday Wishlist!

January 20, 2014
Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday in two weeks!!! I’m a really lucky girl because my best friend is finally coming down to visit a week before so it’s going to be a sort of extended birthday.
But it’s not a birthday without wishlist. I made a birthday wishlist last year too, and was very lucky to get quite a few things one it.

I’ve been after an amethyst bracelet for ages, but I wanted something simple but pretty and I think the amaranthine bracelet from Silver by Mail hits every mark on my list.

I really want some pretty black underwear. There’s nothing wrong with any of my current underwear but I’ve always had black underwear and really want some again. Any good places to buy some leave a comment!

It wouldn’t be a birthday wishlist without some books! I’ve asked Ry for Concealed in Death but it’s not out until 18th February but I’m happy to wait for this book. Eating for IBS I asked for this for Christmas but my Mum couldn’t get it so it’s still on my list. Jamie’s 15 Minute meals and sneakily Jamie’s Ministry of Food I love Jamie’s cookbooks they are the best!

The bunnies had eaten their way through another hair dryer, it’s being held together with electrical tape so the GHD air hair dryer has been on my list for a bit but it is a bit expensive for a hair dryer that the bunnies may eat. But I still want it.

I’m a bit of nail vanish-aholic but they’re all currently in a cute Paperchase box and would love to have them displayed on my dressing table in this nail vanish display stand and it’s quite a good price too!

I’m trying to be more positive in 2014 and I thought keep a one line a day journal might help.
Rabbitlopaedia has been on my list for the past couple of years and the more quirks the bunnies have the more I want to know. Yoga for Beginners has also been on my list for a while too but I quite like doing Yoga via my phone or the wii fit.

Also sadly I desperately need some clothes. Happily my Mummy is providing those because if you didn’t know I HATE clothes shopping, I get distracted by books or make-up.

Finally my motto for 2014 is Live, Laugh, Love and this Kikki.K print would be amazing above my dressing table, help kee
ping my motto alive.

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