21 Things You Properly Didn’t Know About Me

January 14, 2016

  1. My real name is not Ally, it’s actually Alexandra but practically no one calls me that. 
  2. From the age of about 9 my Dad called me Ally. 
  3. I’m a Nutella fiend. Seriously obsessed! Someone needs to buy me my name on a Nutella jar. 
  4. I love action films, the Die Hard films are my favourite. Followed by the marvel films. 
  5. When I was younger I was never obsessed with bands like most girls were but in my teens I loved The Spice Girls. 
  6. My husband calls me ally-pie, which is a bit weird since I don’t really like pies! 
  7. I saw Feeder play in my home town in 2008 & they were awesome. 
  8. When I was growing up we always had German Shepard dogs. I think they are the best dogs ever & I miss having a dog. 
  9. I’m an only child. I but I’ve married into a rather large family & inherited three awesome brothers in law. Although I kind of got them before we got married. 
  10. I honestly took my 23 years of living by the sea for granted and really miss it & the two beaches my hometown had. 
  11. I’ve been told I’m too honest & blunt, like it’s actually a bad thing. 
  12. I loving slimming world & think if you’re trying to loose weight it’s the best thing ever! 
  13. My closest friends all no intimately how ill I am on a regular basis. I hold nothing back. They often get ‘I’ve spent three hours being ill on the toilet’ texts, how nauseas I am and that I’m still not pregnant yet messages and they love me anyway! 
  14. I’m really not a Christmas fan, it really makes me miss my Dad. 
  15. I’ve lived in Scarborough, York, Plymouth, Hull & currently Huddersfield but I’ve only really been homesick for Hull. 
  16. I like it when it snows! 
  17. I can be a total bitch & I’m proud of that! 
  18. Sometimes I want to dig my left ovary out with a spoon. No seriously I know it’s a bit dramatic but I really do fantasise about it when the pain it high which is currently too bloody often. 
  19. My dream is to visit Paris one day. 
  20. After my Dad died I went to therapy it was really weird. But it helped me cry. 
  21. I swear a lot!

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