10 Things to do When Your Bored

October 15, 2014
Re-arrange bookcase

Listing 10 things to do when you’re bored is on my 101 things to do in 1001 days, mostly because when I’m in a reading slump or when I’ve read too much I end up getting bored and am never really sure what else I can do other than read and annoy my other half {which is actually really entertaining but then he gets in a mood. Tut he’s no fun!} so I thought a reminder list for myself would be good and other people might like it too! 
1. Re-read your favourite book.
An old favourite of mine, which works really well when I’m in a reading slump. I tend to go for anything Nora Roberts related but I do love Vision in White.

2. Call/email or facetime a friend.

Since moving I’ve really sucked at staying in touch with the people that mean the most to me and I need to reach out more. Sending texts just isn’t working for me now though so I’m upping my game by trying a different method of communication.
3. Re-arrange your bookcase.
I like to do this one a lot! Also I have a lot of books.
4. Go for a walk with a podcast or audiobook
This is a better one for a day off or at lunch time as now it’s getting darker I wouldn’t do this one on an evening so much now but in the summer it’s great.
5. Start a blog!
So if you haven’t started a blog yet, why not? If you’re bored it’s the absolutely perfect time to start one. If you already have a blog write that post you keep putting off, right an honest from your heart post.
6. Organise your wardrobe.
My wardrobe is always organised, I’m a bit weird like that, but sometimes Ryan will put my clothes away and he doesn’t understand my system so instead of leaving it or doing it when I’m running late I should do it when I’m bored!
7. Try a new recipe.
I prefer trying new recipes when cooking to be honest but I need to bake 5 different type of cookies for my 101 things so I need to maybe not reread a book and instead bake some goddamn cookies!
8. Watch a film.
Sometimes I’ll watch the Die Hard films from the beginning other times {if Ryan gets a say} we watch all the X-Men films or Lord of the Rings. Recently I watched all the Matrix films.
9. Write your very own book.
Lots of people want to be a writer. What’s stopping you? 
10. Have a nap!
Sometimes when I’m ‘bored’ I’m not really bored, I’m just too tired to do anything. So I should just give-in and have a nap instead.
Let me know any other good ones!

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