10 Things I Want to Do During My Christmas Break

December 23, 2015

I’ve taken two weeks off work, (reason number 105 why I love the self-employed life!) and while I have a list of tasks to do during this time off that are work related I didn’t want all this time off to be eaten up by business tasks, such as finishing the dreaded tax return and making sure everything is right with my business website so here’s my list of simple things I want to do during my downtime.

  1. Read an non ebook book!
  2. Spend one full day in my jammies not working, away from my laptop!
  3. Get dressed up from head to toe.
  4. Have a long luxurious bubble bath.
  5. Do something outside of the house!
  6. Organise my office.
  7. Ask Laura to come and cut my hair off.
  8. Eat something decadent and sweet, that’s not nutella!
  9. Watch Love Actually with Ryan.
  10. Have a glass of wine.

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